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Lesson Three • Gather

Pastor Keaton Washburn

  1. What is wrong with this statement, “I am going to church”?

When people do not understand why they are doing something, they tend not to know what to do after that. If you tell a teenager to wear a coat when it is cold outside, they might not understand why parents might ask such a ridiculous request. However, when they are waiting somewhere in the cold, or they get sick, the student might understand the “why” behind the reason. This week we are going to look at what the early church did when they gathered together. There are nine activities that the early church did when they gathered together. When we understand why the early church did all nine of these things, we may know how we can be more active members of the body of Christ.

Read Acts 2:42-47.

Devoted to Teaching

  1. What things do you spend the most time doing in your day? Would you say you are devoted to any of those
  1. Who was an apostle?
  1. What does it mean to be devoted to the “apostle’s teaching”?
  1. Do we do that during a weekend gathering?


Fellowship is a word that is mainly used by Christians today. I do not know the last time I heard someone who was not a Christian talk about being in “fellowship” together with someone. However, it originated as a business word used to describe two business partners that are working together towards the same goal and as a description of two people who are married, and who share everything with one another.

  1. Have you ever walked into a Sunday gathering and not talked to anyone? Why is fellowship critical to a gathering?
  1. Do we do that during a weekend gathering?
  • Breaking of Bread
  1. What does “breaking of bread” mean?
  1. Why is communion important?


  1. Why do we pray?
  1. Do you pray before you come to a weekend gathering?


  1. When was the last time “awe” came over you during a gathering?
  1. What were the “wonders and signs” that were being done?
  1. Do we see God doing things at a weekend gathering?
  • All Things in Common
  1. What does it mean that the church had all things in common?
  1. Why is unity important?
  1. Do we have all things in common at The River Church?

Sell Out

  1. Why did the early church give away their possessions?
  1. Why is giving an essential thing for the church to do?
  1. Do we do that at The River Church? Do you?



  1. Is it important to worship God with a group?
  1. Is it possible to “be a Christian” and walk alone?

Send Out

  1. Why did God add to the early church’s numbers “day by day”?
  1. How can we make gatherings purposeful each weekend?