Lesson One • Rooted

Devotion #4: Adoption

Pastor Kyle Wendel

In the Bible, the book of Ruth is incredible. I could say that about any book in the Bible. However, it is incredible to look specifically at the story of Ruth and some of the examples of loyalty to God and the blessings of God that we see.

A cool fact about Ruth is that she was the great-grandmother of King David. Another interesting fact is that she was not born a Jew but married into a Jewish family. Ruth’s mother-in-law was Naomi. During this time a famine came across the land and Naomi’s husband and two sons died. This left Naomi, Ruth, and her other daughter-in-law, Orpah, to be widows.

Naomi told Ruth and Orpah to return to their homelands since their family had fallen apart. It would be better and easier for them to go back to what they know and possibly find a new husband. We see Orpah listens and returns; however, Ruth refused to leave Naomi. Ruth 1:16 (NIV) records, But Ruth replied, Dont urge me to leave you or to turn back from you. Where you go I will go, and where you stay I will stay. Your people will be my people and your God my God.’”

Naomi wanted the best for her daughters-in-law. That is why she tried to tell them both to return. This was an example of the love of God from Naomi. Naomi wanted to selflessly send the women away knowing it would leave her alone and helpless.

Ruth just happened to love Naomi selflessly back. Ruth knew the Lord because she married into a Jewish family. She knew that the Lord had put her there. She knew that she needed to be there for Naomi. Ruth goes on to say that she will continue to stay in the family and she is part of it continuing forward. She also says that the God of the Jews is her God. This is a very important statement and part of the story.

What is incredible to see is that Ruth was not born a Jew. She was not born as one of God’s chosen people. Ruth adopts Naomi’s God as her own. It was ultimately a calling from God that kept Ruth with Naomi. This is so incredible to see the power of adoption. Regardless of what race or nation you are born into, you have the opportunity to worship the one true God. We all have the opportunity to accept the gift of adoption that the Lord extends through the power of the Gospel. Through the work of Jesus alone on the cross, we can all be adopted as children of God.

God is the redeemer in this story and ours. They put their trust in God alone and God provided for them. This is what the family should look like. It is to be a unit that is centered on worshiping Him in all ways. Our lives and families should show the love of God in every action and choice.

Some questions for you to ponder:

  • What is something that God is calling you and your family to?
  • How can you be obedient to that call?
  • Is your family rooted in Christ?
  • How can you make sure to stay rooted in Christ throughout your life?