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August 9th-12th

New Life Camp
701 Mayhew Rd.
Rose City, MI 48654

Hey River Kids! Are you ready to embark on the quest of a lifetime? Join us as we adventure into the wilderness, complete assignments, and search for clues on how to complete our greatest mission. Your first objective? Register today!

The cost is $200 per child with $50 due at the time of registration.

You MUST register by Saturday, August 5th.

Please note, there is a $25 fee for all cancellations.

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What can I expect?

• Swimming
• Beach Front Obstacle Course
• The Blob
• Chapel
• Rock Wall
• Games
• Snack Shack
+ more!

New Life Camp has so much to offer! Check out a full list of buildings, lodging, and activities at newlifecamp.org.

What should I bring?

Packing List
• Your Bible, Notebook + Pen
• Medication *Please see Medication Guidelines in the FAQ section.
• Beach Towel + Sun Screen
• Sandals or Swim Shoes
• Bug Spray
• Toiletries *Soap, Shampoo, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, etc.
• Towel + Washcloth
• Close-Toed Shoes *Required for certain activities.
• Extra Shoes to get Wet/Dirty
• Clothes for each day + extra
• Junk outfit: Old clothes you’re willing to get dirty
• Swimsuit
Girls: Must have a one piece, tankini, or a dark colored cover up.
Guys: Must wear a shirt or tank top with their bathing suit.
• Bedding *Sleeping Bag and/or Sheets + Blanket, Pillow
• Money for Snack Shack *This will be turned in at the time of registration so children are not carrying cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of frequently asked questions to help prepare you for camp.

Q: Where is New Life Camp?
701 Mayhew Rd. Rose City, MI 48654
Phone: (989) 685-2949

Q: What adult supervision will be at camp?
Every leader has been background checked, trained and interviewed. A leader will be with your child at all times.

Q: What do I do if there is an emergency while my student is at camp?
New Life Camp has a Health Officer trained to handle most any medical situation that camp brings. If a child is injured to the point of needing medical attention we will immediately contact the emergency contact person listed on your child’s registration form.

If you have an emergency at home and need to contact your child, please call the camp’s landline, (989) 685-2949.

Q: What if my student takes medication?
New Life Camp has a trained Health Officer that is on call 24 hours a day. They are responsible for the distribution of medication. Upon registration, all medication will be turned into the camp staff. NO CHILD IS PERMITTED TO HAVE ANY MEDICATION ON THEIR PERSONS. Medication will be handed out by the Health Officer during designated times. Please inform your child that they must help with this process by remembering to take their medication.

Medication Administration Guidelines:
1. Place all medications in a Ziploc bag. Clearly label with your child’s full name in permanent marker on the outside.
2. Prescription medications must be in the original container with doctor’s directions. No pills in bags or daily dispensers will be allowed.
3. Send an inhaler if your child has asthma. Send an Epi-pen if your child has a history of severe allergic reaction.
4. Primary dispensing times for medications will be at meal times unless otherwise directed by a physician.

Q: When do I drop off and pick up my child?
Registration and check-in is on Wednesday, Aug 9 from 8-9a at your location. Campers will arrive back on Saturday, Aug 12 around 2:45p at your location.

Questions? Contact your River Kids Director!

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