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Grow | Devotion #5: Jesus Grew

Caleb Combs | Gathering Pastor

As we continue in our week focused on growth, I could not get this verse out of my head. Luke 2:52 tells us, “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.” We see the ultimate example of whom we are supposed to strive to be like. This concept amazes me. The almighty God, humbled Himself, came to earth as a man and grew. Now let us look at this breakdown a little more in depth. Jesus was 100% God and 100% man. Therefore, we know that the God in Him could not grow. However, the man part of Jesus grew mentally, physically, spiritually, and with others. A base level question I ask myself is why would the God of the universe come to this earth and put Himself subject to growing in those areas? As crazy as it sounds, Jesus, being fully God, experienced infancy, potty training, and even puberty. He humbled Himself to grow. There we see the one key element to all of growth, humility. You cannot grow unless you humble yourself to let someone or something teach you. Pride will swell up in an area you may feel you know it all, and in that case, you are unable to learn. We always say that Jesus humbled Himself and came to this earth as a man, yet we forget all the practical aspects that come with that. Humility is key to learning.

The areas we see Jesus growing are interesting and challenging to me. Let’s just say that Jesus was a well-rounded student (total understatement by the way). He grew mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. I picture Jesus being the smartest, coolest, best looking, and strongest kid in school; but that is just my imagination. We know that Jesus humbled Himself to grow in these areas. He grew physically as a human being, and I am sure He fell while trying to figure out how to walk. He grew mentally smarter as a human, which is crazy to try and theologically figure out. We do not have time to talk about that now, but really thinking about that will blow your mind, and that is not the most extreme. He grew spiritually, and the Bible says, “in favor with God.” Now pause and let that sink in a little. The only perfect person grew in His walk with the heavenly Father. MIND BLOWN! However, we see Jesus submitting to the will and plan of God, following it to a ’T.” I can think of Jesus’ prayer in the garden and Him telling the Father, “Not my will but yours.” Lastly, we see Jesus growing socially. We see Jesus as a 12-year-old amazing the teachers in the synagogue with His knowledge and articulation of the Scriptures. Jesus, being the greatest teacher ever to walk on the earth, had thousands of people following Him around to hear what He would say next. To think His social skills were developed over His life is incredible.

Now, we can practically look at our own lives and try to live up to growing in these areas. We will not be perfect, but at least we have a standard to shoot for. We know that Jesus humbled Himself and put Himself under teaching so that He would grow. So, why won’t we? We all need to grow in one area or another. Let’s get honest, we all could grow in all four of these areas: mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. We need to be better husbands, wives, parents, coworkers, grandparents, friends, neighbors, etc.; you fill in the blank for your own life. We need to strive to Grow. Jesus humbled Himself and set a standard for us to live by daily. NOW LETS GROW!

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