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Testimony 30

John Hubbard | Children’s Director

I came to my faith in Jesus at a very young age. My entire family was very active in our church, holding various volunteer and leadership positions such as deacon, elder, Sunday school teacher, worship leader, you name it. Sunday was always a day where we were the first family there. I remember that it was my job to shovel the sidewalks each wintery morning, and set out the nametags. I did this while my dad got the coffee ready before he and my aunt ran through what hymns we would be singing that morning. Being around so much weekly church activity kept me very immersed in that culture.

I still remember that every so often we would have a Communion Sunday. I was told I was not old enough to take communion and that you could not take communion just because your parents do. My parents used communion to show me the Gospel, why we do it in remembrance of what Jesus has done for us.

After trusting in Jesus, I wish I could say I had it all figured out. I still remember a time shortly after I was baptized that I made an intentional attempt to invite my neighbor Brian to a Wednesday night kid’s discipleship event. I was so proud when he decided he wanted to come, and his dad said it was all right. He was having such a good time. I was sure I was doing the right thing. However, when it came to lesson time the wheels came off, all of a sudden the teacher was so upset that she was crying. I was so focused on making sure my friend had a good time I lost sight of the reason for inviting him so that He could hear about Jesus! Instead of leading Brian to Jesus, I led him to church and thought that would be enough. I gave up being intentional when I walked in the doors. I treated my neighbor’s salvation as if it was my first day as a mailman, I had his soul in a little brown box marked “this side up” and I got him to the church, signed that delivery was made, and I clocked out.

After a long talk with my parents and a very embarrassing apology phone call to the Bible teacher’s house, it was clear to me that Jesus commands to reach people, teach people, and encourage them to obey Jesus was a way bigger investment than I was prepared for. Since then it has been my goal to focus on getting Jesus to people in their environment, not getting people to Jesus’ environment. They need to see how Jesus can change their lives right where they are. I believe that when they see that, they will be overwhelmed by the love of God, and their lives will be changed!

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