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Testimony 10

Pat MacDermaid | Clothing Closet

I was born into a strict Catholic family and went to a strict Catholic school.  In spite of all the wrong things I was taught, it is there where I learned about Jesus.  I will forever be grateful to two nuns who told me about my Savior, who He was, what He did, and why He did it. 

The first time I heard the story, I knew I belonged to Him, and I would never let Him go.  I do not have a time or place to give you.  There was no altar call for me, just a Jesus call.  I wanted to be a nun, live in a convent, and pray all day.  Thank God He doesn’t always give us what we pray for.  I left the Catholic Church at age 15 as there were too many things I could not agree with.

I married at 17, had four children and four grandchildren.  I have been a widow for 28 years.  God gave me the most wonderful family.  I worked for Kmart for ten years, had my own gift shop for two years, and then took a temporary part-time job at a new video store in town.  I needed a full-time job.  I had no idea they rented and sold porn in a back room.  I did not want to be there.  I prayed and prayed, but I had this overwhelming feeling that I was where God wanted me to be.  That was the start of years going in early to go into that room.  I would get on my knees and pray that people would stay out of the room.  I prayed for everyone having anything to do with it.  During this time, the Lord led me to give away Bibles and Christian books at the store.  I prayed about it and told the Lord that He would have to help me pay for them because He knew how much money I made.  I felt Him speak to my heart, “Feed my people and I will feed you.”  I have never stopped giving them away!  There is a table outside the entry to the clothes’ closet to this day that holds free books and Bibles. 

After ten years, the owner of the store told me to sell all the porn, as they did not want it in the store anymore.  I shared the news with my Bible Study class, and a wonderful lady suggested I ask them how much money they wanted for all of it.  I called and was told to put together whatever I could, and they would accept it.  So we purchased thousands of dollars of porn for $351.00.  Then he told me to give the money to the church.  First, we burned all the porn, and then we bought playground equipment for the courtyard at the downtown building. 

I left the store two years later, went to the clothes’ closet (it needed much TLC), and have been there six years.  Saturdays are crazy, but we are meeting needs.  We give out love, hugs, prayers, and my Jesus.  It has been such a joy to serve Him.

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