Finding Fulfillment in God's Greatest Gift

Table of Contents

Lesson One: 3,000

  The Promises of God
  Read the Fine Print
  Peace (or Piece) of God
  Death Will Die
  The Promise
  Paper Shredder

Lesson Two: The Great Plan

  Stand Apart
  Answer the Call
  God’s Will
  God’s Timing vs. Our Timing
  Control Limits God’s Plan
  Love Times Love Equals Accomplished

Lesson Three: The Grand Purpose

  Plan and Purpose
  What is Your Purpose?
  Finding Purpose
  Do You Need to be Slapped?
  Purpose to Proclaim His Power
  To ______ be the Glory

Lesson Four: Immanuel

  You Just Had to be There
  God’s Gifts and Santa’s Gifts
  He Never Looks Down on Us for Asking
  God is Present is the Present!
  God is Present
  Going Beyond Salvation

Lesson Five: A New Resolution

  Working Faith
  Out with the Old and in with the New
  What are You Running to?
  Putting in the Work
  Out of the Darkness
  “Great” Grandfather

Lesson Six: New Beginnings

  Run to Win
  How Will They Hear?
  Reach Out because He Reached Out
  Class is Over
  Overcoming Fear Sickness
  The Yard

Lesson Seven: The Church

  Don’t Neglect it
  Sharpening One Another
  Know it All?
  Gifts of Peace
  We are Family
  The Pack

Lesson Eight: Discipline

  Failure to Grow
  Don’t Just Talk the Talk
  Teamwork Makes the Dream Work
  Walk Forward
  Wave Runner
  A Lion Tamer

Lesson Nine: Be a Light

  Teaching How to Teach
  Quick to Thought
  Secret Service
  Get Your Hands Dirty
  Love Spins
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