Memoirs of Moses

Memoirs of Moses

Table of Contents

Lesson One • Sequel

  Devotion: Seventh Day
  Devotion: The Gospel
  Devotion: Make a Name for Ourselves
  Devotion: The Art of Listening
  Devotion: Don’t Look Back
  Devotion: “The Lord Will Provide”

Lesson Two • Forty

  Devotion: Lift Your Eyes
  Devotion: Never Enough
  Devotion: Typology
  Devotion: Audience of One
  Devotion: “After Two Whole Years”
  Devotion: Micah 7:18-19

Lesson Three • Birth

  Devotion: A Monumental Shift
  Devotion: Finding (His) Good in the Bad
  Devotion: Midwives
  Devotion: Life with Purpose
  Devotion: Safe Place
  Devotion: Divine Intervention

Lesson Four • Murder

  Devotion: Hide and Seek 
  Devotion: Nobody?
  Devotion: Sojourner
  Devotion: The Cure for Brokenness
  Devotion: God Responds
  Devotion: God Hears Our Cry

Lesson Five • Burning Bush

  Devotion: Rock Bottom
  Devotion: God’s Will
  Devotion: Good, Better, Best
  Devotion: Answering Prayers
  Devotion: Pass It On
  Devotion: The God of Promises

Lesson Six • Excuses

  Devotion: “I Have the Power”
  Devotion: Moses, Moses, Moses
  Devotion: Excuses, Excuses
  Devotion: All In 
  Devotion: Obedience   Smooth Sailing!
  Devotion: Pain and Promises

Lesson Seven • Moses Challenges Pharaoh

  Devotion: Freedom
  Devotion: Go!
  Devotion: Failure?
  Devotion: Who do you know?
  Devotion: Counterfeits Exposed 
  Devotion: Obedience

Lesson Eight • Ten Plagues

  Devotion: The First Plague
  Devotion: Finger of God
  Devotion: Go Again
  Devotion: You Have to go Back
  Devotion: Giver of Life
  Devotion: Darkness

Lesson Nine • Passover

  Devotion: Final warning
  Devotion: Remember
  Devotion: Exhaustion
  Devotion: But I Will Be With You
  Devotion: Celebration, Food, and Freedom
  Devotion: Remember That Which Is the Lord’s

Lesson Ten • Red Sea

  Devotion: Trapped?
  Devotion: Incredible
  Devotion: Responding to God’s Call
  Devotion: Reliance on the Power of God
  Devotion: Death to Life
  Devotion: #NOTMYJESUS

Lesson Eleven • Water, Manna, & Quail

  Devotion: From Praise to Distress
  Devotion: Standing on the Promises
  Devotion: Six weeks
  Devotion: Leap of Faith
  Devotion: Road Trip
  Devotion: Shake Your Head

Lesson Twelve • Raised Arms

  Devotion: Standing in The Battle
  Devotion: We Need God, and Each Other
  Devotion: Being the Second Chair
  Devotion: Herding Cats
  Devotion: The Lord is My Banner
  Devotion: Arms Raised High

Lesson Thirteen • Advice

  Devotion: Dear Abby
  Devotion: Remember the Lord
  Devotion: Moses Tells of God’s Goodness
  Devotion: Who is Your One?
  Devotion: “Emotional Intelligence”
  Devotion: Leadership

Lesson Fourteen • Ten Commandments

  Devotion: Worship
  Devotion: Frivolous?
  Devotion: Rest
  Devotion: Deserved Respect
  Devotion: Paid the Price
  Devotion: The Final Four

Lesson Fifteen • Broken Tablets

  Devotion: Eyes Up
  Devotion: His Reputation
  Devotion: A Cow?
  Devotion: Lovingly Warned
  Devotion: Cleaning House
  Devotion: 3,000 Dead

Lesson Sixteen • Shining Face

  Devotion: Standing in the Gap
  Devotion: Paradise
  Devotion: Covenant
  Devotion: No Perfect Churches
  Devotion: Convergence of Appearance
  Devotion: Mountains

Lesson Seventeen • Tabernacle

  Devotion: Servants of the Lord
  Devotion: “You Have Skills”
  Devotion: Identify the Need
  Devotion: Reflection
  Devotion: Inconvenienced
  Devotion: To a Tee

Lesson Eighteen • Twelve Spies

  Devotion: Be Obedient 
  Devotion: No Blind Faith Here
  Devotion: What is Your Excuse?
  Devotion: “However”
  Devotion: Caleb
  Devotion: Doubter or Overcomer

Lesson Nineteen • Hits Rock

  Devotion: Expectation Gap
  Devotion: Dealing with Disbelief
  Devotion: Number One
  Devotion: Was it Worth it?
  Devotion: Leader or Rebel?
  Devotion: Lead by Example

Lesson Twenty • Brazen Serpent
Dr. Randy T. Johnson

  Devotion: The Way
  Devotion: Medical Symbol
  Devotion: He who intercedes 
  Devotion: Come to Jesus Moment
  Devotion: Look for Jesus
  Devotion: Lift Your Eyes
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