A Child is Born

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Wonderful Counselor

  Devotion: Wonder
  Devotion: Courtroom of Life
  Devotion: God’s Job Description
  Devotion: Incomprehensible
  Devotion: Wonderful Christmastime
  Devotion: Letters to the Next One

Lesson Two: Mighty God

  Devotion: Having Complete Power
  Devotion: Letters to the Next One
  Devotion: El Gibbor
  Devotion: Can I Fix it?
  Devotion: How Mighty is Your God?
  Devotion: Mighty to Save

Lesson Three: Everlasting Father

  Devotion: Father of All
  Devotion: Never Leave nor Forsake
  Devotion: “Daddy”
  Devotion: Father of Eternity
  Devotion: Letters to the Next One
  Devotion: Compassion

Lesson Four: Prince of Peace

  Devotion: Jordan
  Devotion: A Peaceful Season
  Devotion: Irony
  Devotion: Letters to the Next One
  Devotion: Endless
  Devotion: Peace and Glory

Lesson Five: Immanuel

  Devotion: Anticipation
  Devotion: Expect His Presence
  Devotion: Still with Us
  Devotion: With Us is God
  Devotion: Letters to the Next One
  Devotion: Patience

Lesson Six: Reach

  Devotion: Live a Legacy
  Devotion: Connect
  Devotion: Keep Reaching
  Devotion: Fam-i-ly
  Devotion: Phony Joy
  Devotion: The “End” Zone

Lesson Seven: Gather

  Devotion: To Go or Not to Go?
  Devotion: Recovering the Value of Gathering
  Devotion: Why?
  Devotion: Be Known
  Devotion: What is in a Name?
  Devotion: Not Forsaking

Lesson Eight: Grow

  Devotion: Strength Over Swayed
  Devotion: Branching Out in Faith
  Devotion: Love Brings Growth
  Devotion: Got Word?
  Devotion: Walk this Way
  Devotion: Get Up and Grow

Lesson Nine: Back to Reach (Serve)

  Devotion: Action and Obedience
  Devotion: Martha and Mary
  Devotion: Serving
  Devotion: Going to Work
  Devotion: Step Four
  Devotion: Toilet
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