World Changers

World Changers

People Who Shook the World

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Peter

  Devotion: Adam
  Devotion: Abel
  Devotion: Eve
  Devotion: Cain
  Devotion: Enoch
  Devotion: Sarah

Lesson Two: Andrew

  Devotion: Noah
  Devotion: Abraham
  Devotion: Hagar
  Devotion: Lot
  Devotion: Job
  Devotion: Rachel

Lesson Three: James

  Devotion: Isaac
  Devotion: Jacob
  Devotion: Miriam
  Devotion: Judah
  Devotion: Joseph
  Devotion: Rahab the Harlot

Lesson Four: John

  Devotion: Moses
  Devotion: Aaron
  Devotion: Deborah
  Devotion: Korah
  Devotion: Jethro
  Devotion: Jael

Lesson Five: Philip

  Devotion: Joshua
  Devotion: Caleb
  Devotion: Delilah
  Devotion: Achan
  Devotion: Balaam
  Devotion: Ruth

Lesson Six: Bartholomew

  Devotion: Gideon
  Devotion: Ehud
  Devotion: Naomi
  Devotion: Samson
  Devotion: Boaz
  Devotion: Hannah

Lesson Seven: Matthew

  Devotion: Eli
  Devotion: Samuel
  Devotion: Jezebel
  Devotion: Jabez
  Devotion: Saul
  Devotion: Michal

Lesson Eight: Thomas

  Devotion: David
  Devotion: Nathan
  Devotion: Bathsheba
  Devotion: Absalom
  Devotion: Abner
  Devotion: Abigail

Lesson Nine: James

  Devotion: Solomon
  Devotion: Rehoboam
  Devotion: Esther
  Devotion: Elijah
  Devotion: Elisha
  Devotion: Proverbs 31 Woman

Lesson Ten: Thaddaeus

  Devotion: Naaman
  Devotion: Hezekiah
  Devotion: Gomer
  Devotion: Josiah
  Devotion: Isaiah
  Devotion: Elizabeth

Lesson Eleven: Simon

  Devotion: Jeremiah
  Devotion: Ezekiel
  Devotion: Mary of Nazareth
  Devotion: Daniel
  Devotion: Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
  Devotion: Mary Magdalene

Lesson Twelve: Judas Iscariot

  Devotion: Jonah
  Devotion: Ezra
  Devotion: Mary of Bethany
  Devotion: Nehemiah
  Devotion: Mordecai
  Devotion: Martha

Lesson Thirteen: Paul

  Devotion: Joseph
  Devotion: Lazarus
  Devotion: Anna
  Devotion: Nicodemus
  Devotion: Pontius Pilate
  Devotion: Joanna

Lesson Fourteen: Barnabas

  Devotion: Barabbas
  Devotion: Ananias
  Devotion: Woman with Blood
  Devotion: Cornelius
  Devotion: Demas
  Devotion: Samaritan Woman

Lesson Fifteen: Timothy

  Devotion: Agrippa
  Devotion: Caiaphas
  Devotion: Pilate‚Äôs Wife
  Devotion: Philemon
  Devotion: James
  Devotion: Sapphira

Lesson Sixteen: Epaphroditus

  Devotion: Martin Luther
  Devotion: Dwight Lyman Moody
  Devotion: Billy Graham
  Devotion: Clive Staples Lewis
  Devotion: Jonathan Edwards
  Devotion: John Wesley

Lesson Seventeen: Silas

  Devotion: Charles Wesley
  Devotion: Charles Spurgeon
  Devotion: William Tyndale
  Devotion: JRR Tolkien
  Devotion: Hudson Taylor
  Devotion: John Wycliffe

Lesson Eighteen: Luke

  Devotion: John Newton
  Devotion: Dietrich Bonhoeffer
  Devotion: George Whitefield
  Devotion: Billy Sunday
  Devotion: Charles Finney
  Devotion: John Calvin
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